As computing systems consultants to Smiths Aerospace and General Electric Aviation for the 787 airplane avionics development (2006-2009), we were responsible for successfully applying and allocating Common Core System applications on the advanced 16 node Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA). We led the Architecture Decision Board in configuring the IMA resource allocations of 150 applications from 12 avionics partners while maintaining required growth margins. We also worked closely with the Boeing Avionics group and independent partner teams solving problems to achieve the required system performance.
As a supplier to Boeing on the BMC2 proposal phase 1 – (2003), CCS evolved a successful multiprocessor system architecture from scratch in 5 weeks. This accelerated iterative architectural evolution was based on blueprinted performance predictions provided by our patented SIMPLEX technology. Following a demonstration to the Air Force, the government modified their SOW to require similar trades and analysis from all bidders.