About This Project

• Designed multiprocessor Mini-Micro Computer System produced by Teledyne for an advanced optical space-born element of a Star Wars project. This led to our patent for very wide instruction driven high performance signal processing algorithm architecture.
• Redesigned 777 Cabin Management System with optimized OS and synchronous communication.
• Evaluated numerous advanced system concepts. Evolved preliminary and detailed designs for many proposals. Recovered multiple failed projects, e.g. 777 CMS, B-1B CMUP, SAES.
• Led a research effort exploring graphical techniques to standardize documentation of real-time embedded systems. Investigated many rapid prototyping tools and techniques.
• Engaged in a wide range of advanced research activity from ‘what is real-time’ to ‘system integrity hazards,’, from ‘number systems’ to ‘hazards in vectorized processing’,
• Devised ‘Correlated Doppler Fixing’ passive submarine tracking algorithm exploited by Santa Barbara Research for the Navy.
• Led the software team sent to England to resolve problems the supplier had developing the flight control system for the YC-14. Identified solutions which fit tight computing hardware constraints.
• Integration architect for the national Anti-Ballistic Missile simulation capability distributed across the country. Conducted trade studies leading to the National Testbed Phase 1 proposal win.